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Catfish Lake

This lake is home to our 20 Catfish and also includes a large number of Carp.
The lake was re-stocked with new Wells Catfish early 2011 with Catfish ranging from 10lb to 35lb; we have taken the precaution of having all the catfish Micro-Chipped using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

The largest Catfish caught last year was 35lb and the largest Carp was 24lb. The most Catfish caught in a single weekend session so far is 6! They appear to be gaining about one lb a month. Please keep us informed of your catches so we can keep their progress updated on the web.


We recommend you book in advance, particularly for weekend fishing. tel. 01446 771893 between 7AM and 8PM any day.

Day ticket (7Am to 8PM), £10 per angler for up to 3 rods.

Night Ticket (24hrs), £17 per angler for up to 2 rods, £22 for up to 3 rods. £5 reduction for subsequent 24hr sessions.


The lake can be booked exclusively for £95 for the first 24hrs and £65 for subsequent 24hr sessions.


Bate tips: 21mm Halibut pellets with some earth worms, Squid, Mackerel, and Lamprey. One was even caught on fake pop-up sweet corn this year!


Please note: When fishing the Catfish Lake you will need a 48" landing net and a large unhooking mat, you must use a minimum of 15lb breaking strain mainline and a Catfish leader. Barbless hooks ONLY. I would recommend size 2 barbless Carp hooks.


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